NEW YORK ブルックリンでのエキシビジョンに出展しました。




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Daisuke Matsue / Hiroyuki Ogura



Daisuke Matsue

1976 Born in Osaka Japan.

Graduated from Mode Gakuen Osaka of Interior Design.

After the college,worked at Interior design office and Apparel.

2013 Established mondoverde Associates.

Urban Gardener / Art Director


Hiroyuki Ogura

1978 Born in Hyogo Japan.

Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design / Department of Environmental Design.

After the college,worked at cafe co.,ltd 10 years.

2011 Established DRAWERS Design Associates.

Interiors/Creative Director

DRAWERS create simple but unique products that will evolve year by year like an ever-changing nature.



These skate deck is a combination of a number of materials used for  interior work.

The use of inartificial materials will enrich its appearance  as  time  goesby. This is a proposal for a lifestyle tool.

Our skate decks planned for the exhibition are comprised of various veneers dyed with indigo.